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The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) in Morocco recently benefitted from a three-day adoption training session, focusing on introducing breeders and technicians to a new tool to support effective data management as part of the Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) adoption initiative.

The training session, held from September 25 to 27, aimed to prepare the bread wheat team at ICARDA for the active use of the EBS platform. This in-person training brought together nine participants from various breeding programs, including bread wheat, durum wheat, barley, and legumes.

EBS training for ICARDA_Sept 2023_Group picture

The participants displayed remarkable engagement and enthusiasm throughout the training, showcasing their eagerness to learn and apply the new system. The primary focus of the sessions included an overview of EBS, hands-on experience in experiment creation, and the uploading of phenotypic data.

Dr. Wuletaw Tadesse Degu, spring bread wheat breeding lead at ICARDA, delivered inspiring remarks on the significance and value of effective data management in modern breeding programs. Dr. Degu emphasized the pivotal role of data in driving advancements in agricultural research and crop improvement.

The training sessions provided an opportunity for the participants to familiarize themselves with EBS, ensuring they are well-equipped to leverage its capabilities in their respective breeding programs as EBS is rolled out to additional programs over time. The interactive nature of the training allowed for collaborative learning and knowledge sharing among participants from different crop breeding backgrounds.

ICARDA’s hosting of this EBS training workshop emphasizes the institution’s commitment to staying at the forefront of agricultural research and innovation. As the participants return to their respective programs, they are better prepared to effectively utilize the EBS in the future and to empower their teams in turn, contributing to advancements in crop breeding and food security.

EBS training for ICARDA_Sept 2023_group picture

Photo credit: ICARDA.

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