What is EBS?

The Enterprise Breeding System (EBS)

The Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) is an open-source breeding informatics software being developed for crop breeding programs serving resource-poor farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
EBS connects, merges and builds upon existing breeding software and data solutions to offer a single powerful tool, so that breeders can focus on using data to create better varieties, faster.
Development is led by the CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform and the CGIAR Breeding Resources Initiative, which support CGIAR and national agricultural research system programs to adopt the breeding workflows and data management practices required to adopt EBS.

What can EBS do?

EBS is being created to cover all breeding activities, so that breeders no longer have to manage their own data between different applications and databases.

Core Breeding

Create and manage germplasm, trials and nurseries.

Service Management

Connect to internal and external services including genotypic, quality, and phytosanitary analyses.

Breeding Analytics

Connect data to powerful analytics and decision support tools.

Core System

Manage different user groups and their system permissions.

Who can use EBS?

EBS is being developed for CGIAR, national and private sector breeding institutions delivering improved varieties to farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

EBS is currently in use at five CGIAR programs participating in the development and implementation of the system. Learn more about our partners. EBS is currently being deployed for a wider range of crops before becoming fully operational and available across CGIAR and NARES breeding programs.

Adopting a breeding data management system takes time – learn more about how to get ready for EBS!