Release notes

Latest EBS release

EBS 3.0

EBS v.3.0 includes new and updated features to help breeding teams complete the breeding cycle smoothly, including:

  • New options for creating inventory items for backcrosses, three-way crosses, and top crosses in Harvest Manager
  • Additional functionalities to support seed packing jobs
  • New features for creating entry and plot codes
  • Support for multi-occurrence field map upload
  • Increased performance across the tools

The list of known limitations can be found here.

In this release:

Past releases

EBS 2.2

We listened to breeder input and made breeding workflows easier. This is also the first version of the EBS that IITA maize will have access to!

  • Faster more efficient searches
  • Quicker nursery creation
  • Easier layout of experiments in KDXplore Site Design
In this release:

EBS 2.1

The second instance available to breeding teams.

  • More experiment designs.
  • Search for germplasm.
  • Lay out experiments in KDXplore Site Design.
  • Collect trait data into the system.

EBS 1.0

The first instance of EBS that was available to breeders.

  • Create experiments.
  • Basic experiment designs.
  • Search for seed.