Release date

EBS 4 release notes

In the Milestone 4 release of the EBS, new features and improvements were added to Core Breeding, such as new trial designs, comprehensive experiment data management, user interface and performance gains. Breeding Analytics was also updated with the first versions of the Analysis Request Manager and the Analysis Framework.

Data collection

Data collection of cross-lists is now supported.

Experiment creation

Two new trial experiment designs were implemented: Augmented design with diagonal checks, and P-REP design. Advanced sorting of experiment entries was enabled along with improved page load times.

Experiment manager

Comprehensive experiment data management is now enabled. Harvest, Management, Planting, and Trait protocols can now be managed using the Experiment Manager. Experiment and occurrence level data can be managed and experiment protocol attributes can be created, modified or removed.

Harvest manager

Harvest manager received a comprehensive update to the user interface, including the option for bulk update and deletion of data and background operations. Harvest of wheat backcrosses was also enabled.

List manager

Plot lists can now be created and managed, and time-consuming operations are now executed in the background.

Breeding analytics

EBS launched the first versions of the Analysis Request Manager and the Analysis Framework tools, providing a user interface to select breeding trials for analysis (either the whole experiment or a subset of occurrences), select from an appropriate set of analysis models, make spatial adjustments and request an analysis of one or more traits. The interface allows tracking of the progress of an analysis request and the creation of reports.

Experiment design models

This release includes two new experiment design models: P-rep and Augmented design with diagonal checks.


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