Get ready for EBS

Adopting a full breeding data management system such as the EBS is a multi-year effort. The CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform (EiB) supports breeding programs to prepare their workflows and start using existing management systems that will be integrated into the EBS. 
To get ready for the EBS when broader adoption begins in mid 2021, check that your breeding program is working towards meeting requirements and get in touch below.

Do you have..?


Breeding program leadership is supportive and engaged.

Early adopters

Breeders and teams who are ready to use a new system.

Defined workflows

Breeding workflows are documented and standard operating procedures are in use.

Data curators

Support staff to help curate and migrate new data into the system


To drive adoption and share adoption metrics with EiB.

Data manager

...or a key contact to coordinate data curation, training and adoption with EiB.

Adoption stages

Stage 1

With leadership support, early adopters and a data manager or key EiB contact is identified. Project begins!

Data is curated and migrated into a data management system.

Stage 2

New data being generated by early adopter breeding teams is loaded into the system, supported by data curators. 

Breeding workflows are documented across the institution and standard operating procedures adopted.

Stage 3

New data is automatically loaded into the system as it is generated.

Stage 4

System data and analytics are used to drive breeding decisions.

Get in touch

Development of the EBS is guided by the needs of its users, both current and future.

If you are interested in EBS, we want to hear from you!

Get involved

There are a number of ways that you can get involved in the EBS and contribute directly to requirements. For instance, you can provide input into analytics and decision support at the EiB Breeding Informatics Network (BrIN) meetings. Please send a request to join this team, or provide other input into EBS through the EiB service desk