Evolution of the system

The Enterprise Breeding System transforms crop breeding by offering a single data management system that digitalizes the breeding process. Our development approach champions the needs of breeding teams and collaborators through a systematic gathering of their feedback and requests.

These inputs are evaluated and prioritized—informing the scope and objectives of the upcoming milestones and sprints. Each domain’s dedicated set of developers deliver the requested improvements on a regular basis, after sufficient quality testing. Below is a timeline of how EBS has evolved since it was launched in 2019.

An in-depth look at the evolution of EBS can be found in the user release notes.


EBS 7 was launched. The Molecular Data Analysis tool was launched in Breeding Analytics. The Breeding API (BrAPI) was also successfully implemented in both the Breeding Analytics and Core Breeding domains.


EBS 6 was deployed to EBS Production instances.The Phenotypic Data Manager tool was made available in Breeding Analytics. GIGWA and MarkerDB was launched in Service Management. Additionally, Core System enabled messaging features and the Inventory Manager tool was launched for EBS administrators in Core Breeding.

EBS 5 featured the new Shipment Tool in Service Management, while the Germplasm and Cross Manager tools were launched in Core Breeding. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) was also enabled in Core System.

EBS 4 featured improvements in Core Breeding and new tools in Breeding Analytics.


EBS 3 includes new and updated features to help breeding teams complete the breeding cycle smoothly.

EBS 2.2 was developed according to breeding teams’ specifications.


The second instance available to breeding teams.

EBS 1.0 was launched.