The 6th International Rice Congress (IRC), hosted by the International Rice Research Institute, will be held in Manila, Philippines, this year, from 16-19 October.

The Congress serves as a scientific platform bringing together innovators in rice-based food systems to collaboratively shape a more food- and nutrition-secure future. The event will unite scientists, experts, and decision-makers from diverse sectors – government, private, and public – to address the most pressing challenges in the global rice industry.

Visit EBS booth

EBS showcases a single and powerful data management solution tailored for the demands of a modern breeding enterprise. IRC participants will experience the cloud-based platform that enables breeders to manage large amounts of experiment data for faster breeding cycles and more informed breeding decisions.Poised to become the sole breeding data management system across CGIAR Research Centers, EBS aims to connect and network with leading rice researchers, partners, and representatives for a food-secure future.Take a peek at our brochure and poster ahead of the event. Fun activities and exciting prizes also await you at the EBS booth! 
Catch us at the IRC 2023 Trade Show grounds from 16 – 19 October 2023 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Reception Hall and experience modern breeding at your fingertips. See you there!

Development of EBS is guided by the needs of its users, both current and future. 
If you are interested in EBS, we want to hear from you! 

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