EBS releases


EBS Milestone 8, which covers the development period from September to December 2023, highlights user-driven features and improvements. The Breeding Analytics domain enabled the download of single-occurrence analysis results for multi-occurrence analysis requests and developed the backend work to support sparse testing using the P-Rep design in Core Breeding. New custom file exports and additional harvests are now supported in Core Breeding’s Experiment Manager and Harvest Manager, respectively. Large file exports are also delegated to the background for efficiency. The Service Management domain improved Gigwa and its integration with other tools, while the Core System domain released development builds of the Place Manager, Workflow Management, and Organizational Units.


The 7th milestone release of EBS features an upgraded Breeding Analytics with the implementation of Operational Analytics – Phase 1 and the launch of the Molecular Data Analysis tool. Core Breeding enabled the upload of unspecified experiment designs and improved its integration with external EBS-supported applications using the Breeding API (BrAPI). Core System enhanced the Shipment Manager tool, along with the development of new Printout templates.


The 6th version of the Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) promises a more optimized breeding experience with the all-new Inventory Manager in Core Breeding, as well as the new Shipment Manager and messaging capabilities in Core System. The Service Management domain has also enabled a repository of genotypic data, while the Breeding Analytics domain features a Phenotypic Data Manager designed to guide users in their breeding decisions.


The 5th Milestone release of EBS highlights new and optimized functionalities in its domains. The Core Breeding domain launches two new tools—the Cross Manager and Germplasm Manager. The new Shipment tool is now added to the many functionalities in the Service Management domain. The Breeding Analytics domain also features new designs for breeding trials using On-Farm Trial design. Lastly, a Role-based Access Control is now configured in the Core System domain.


In the Milestone 4 release of the EBS, new features and improvements were added to Core Breeding, such as new trial designs, comprehensive experiment data management, user interface and performance gains. Breeding Analytics was also updated with the first versions of the Analysis Request Manager and the Analysis Framework.


EBS v.3.0 includes new and updated features to help breeding teams complete the breeding cycle smoothly.

EBS 2.2

We listened to breeder input and made breeding workflows easier. This is also the first version of the EBS that IITA maize will have access to!

EBS 2.1

The second instance available to breeding teams.

EBS 1.0

The first instance of EBS that was available to breeders.