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Breeding and Research Services (BRS) Senior Director, Dr. Sharifah Syed Alwee, returned to the International Rice Research Institute Headquarters (IRRI HQ) to spearhead the first BRS general meeting on 01 February 2024 at the IKS Network Commons. The meeting was attended by members of the Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) team and IRRI’s laboratory services: Grain Quality and Nutrition Services Laboratory (GQNSL) and Genotyping Service Laboratory (GSL) teams.

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“EBS is an all-in-one tool that will help any Center to modernize their work”

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The Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) was showcased at two important events in 2023, including the National Agricultural Research and Extension Systems (NARES) – International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) breeding network’s Annual Joint Advancement Meeting in East and Southern Africa and the Asian Food and Agriculture Cooperation Initiative’s (AFACI) advancement meeting at the IRRI Headquarters.

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